Squat, Jump, Climb, Throw, Lift

I'm Danielle. I'm eighteen years old and I will be playing D1 softball for Tennessee Tech in the fall of 2012. I began Crossfit unknowingly at a facility known as Capital in Alexandria, Virginia in January of 2012. My life hasn't been the same since. The first thing that they tell you is to "drink a lot of water". I drink a lot of water now, in fact, it's practically the only thing that I drink (and my protein shakes of course). I eat a lot healthier now too, by choice. I view my body as a working machine now, and food is my fuel- it does matter what kind of foods you put into your body, especially when the next WOD includes an unbearable amount of burpees. Because if you don't care what you consume when you're chomping down that double cheeseburger, you will most definitely care when you're puking it right back up. Most of my shirts no longer fit me in the arms and shoulders and strapless dresses aren't the best look for me anymore- but I look good. I look strong, healthy, and in shape (not to mention I can hit a softball about 300 feet now). You know someone once told me- ""Strong is the new skinny".

Shit Crossfit girls say…this is so accurate..